Why Do People Paint Their Tree Trunks White in Clovis, CA?

You might wonder, “Why do people paint their tree trunks white?” People painted trees white in ancient Greece to shield trunks from insects. Although it might seem like it could be harmful to the tree, painting tree trunks white protects them from many problems.

As long as the paint is a white-washed latex paint base or a traditional lime-based whitewash, it’s safe.

A professional tree service in Clovis, CA, has put together the following answers to the question, “Why do people paint their tree trunks white?”

Painting Tree Trunks White Prevents Sunscald

When you see tree trunks painted white, it could be to prevent sunscald.

  • Sunscald affects the stems or trunks of trees of young trees similar to how bright sunlight can harm the skin of a baby. Young trees have less foliage and their thin bark isn’t prepared to handle direct sunlight.
  • On older trees, the sun burns the bark, turning it crispy. The more sunlight beams down onto the bark, the more likely the tree will shed its leaves.

The white paint protects the tree during all the delicate stages of its life, whether it’s in a growing season or not.

Property Modification Can Protect or Harm a Tree

Why do people paint their tree trunks white near buildings?. Buildings can protect trees from harmful sunlight. On the other hand, a building’s windows can reflect sunlight and harm trees. Some property owners paint trunks white to protect against that.

If you move a structure the tree has depended on for shade, it will suffer sunscald. The bark could split. Therefore, before removing or adding a tree, plant, or building, consult a tree specialist who can advise on the outcomes of that decision.

Painting Tree Trunks White Keeps Pests Away

Pests use visual cues to look for places to nest. One of their favorite nesting spots is a tree trunk. They end up making holes in trees over time. They also can spread fungi that harm trees. 

When tree trunks receive a coat of white paint, the pests back off. Some people think that the white paint interferes with the cues the bugs rely on to choose their tree trunks. Whatever the reason, it keeps them away, and that is all that matters.

This helps with the propagation of a beautiful tree canopy.

Painting Tree Trunks White Protects Against Heat Loss

Another answer to, “Why do people paint their tree trunks white?” is that the white paint protects against heat loss. This means that frost is less likely to harm the tree. As you can see, people paint their trees white for good reasons. Proper pruning and planning where to plant new trees is also important. A tree service can help you 

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