What To Do About Mushrooms Growing at the Base of Your Tree in Paso Robles, CA

When considering a new tree for your yard, it can be helpful to understand what can befall your tree as it grows. For example, a fungus near tree roots isn’t a good sign. Still, just a little extra growth may not hurt the tree if it has other external signs of good health.

Everybody’s been there; you’re wondering what to do when something unexpected emerges near or on your tree. When other plants feed off a tree’s success, like mushrooms growing at the base of tree trunks, it could well be a symptom of your tree’s health taking a knock. 

Below, Cut Rite Tree Service, a highly-rated tree service in Paso Robles, CA, shares more about mushrooms on trees and what to do once you spot them.

What Does It Mean When You See Evidence of Tree Base Mushroom Growth?

When it comes to visually identifying tree fungi, the task can be a tricky one. While you may have heard that fungi growing at the base of your tree is a potentially serious issue, not all mushrooms are the dangerous kind when it comes to your trees.

Managing tree fungi growth begins and ends with identifying what kind of growth has appeared at your tree’s base or on its trunk. For example, most white to cream-colored mushrooms you’d find growing on your lawn from time to time aren’t dangerous for trees. So, when addressing mushroom growth on trees, you’ll need to consider the color and nature of each fungus. 

Is Honey Fungi Always Bad News for Your Trees?

Yes, one kind of mushroom you never want to see near the base of your tree is honey fungus. Honey fungus generally comes up in clusters, and looks like a thinly layered, white to cream button mushroom. At the base of trees, this fungus causes damage to near-surface roots. 

If you’re dealing with mushrooms near tree trunks on your property, consider the type of tree. Honey fungi are attracted to oak trees more than any other tree, but they are just as potent for other tree species. If this fungus sets in, you’ll notice the following on your tree:

  • Leaf drop
  • Wilting
  • Root damage

If you see honey fungi, get rid of them before they overtake your tree or damage other plants in your garden. Birch trees, hedges, rose bushes, and other flowering plants are also at risk.

Why Are Some Fungi Dangerous for Your Tree?

Most fungi, including mushrooms growing at the base of trees, are a sign of danger because of how these organisms thrive. For instance, fungi usually build off dead wood (which is why fungi have the reputation of being a sign of tree decay). 

Is the fungus you’re seeing hurting your tree? Anything that attacks the roots or base of your tree will curb healthy growth and, eventually, kill your beautiful tree. Don’t wait to reach out to a tree specialist like Cut Rite Tree Service and check that your trees aren’t in trouble.

Get Rid of Mushrooms Growing at the Base of Your Tree With Cut Rite Tree Service’s Help

What happens when you have mushrooms growing at the base of trees? Now that you’re more aware of the risks involved, why not consult some tree experts and get some tips on taking care of trees? Calling the team can let you know how your tree’s health is doing and offer various other services, such as:

  • Stump removal
  • Tree transplanting
  • Tree cutting

So, contact Cut Rite Tree Service at 559-320-7723 today for a free estimate!


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