A Paso Robles, CA, Residents’ Guide for Taking Care of Trees

Do you have mature trees in your yard that you want to keep healthy and strong? Are you planning to plant new trees and want to follow proper tree wellness techniques? 

Cut Rite Tree Service, a trusted tree service in Paso Robles, CA, has some advice for taking care of trees. If you’re a homeowner in the area, this should make it easy to keep the yard looking great. 

Choose the Right Trees 

Caring for trees begins with choosing the right species for the location, climate, and yard size. For instance, Paso Robles’ climate tends to be dry, and water is at a premium. In that case, choosing drought-tolerant species is a smart move for ensuring tree health (think poplar, cottonwood, California sycamore, and locust).

Beyond selecting a species that can thrive in the climate, consider the conditions where you will plant the tree. What will the height and spread be when the tree reaches maturity? Will it get adequate sun exposure and the perfect soil conditions to support the roots in the spot you’ve chosen to put it?

Take Care of the Tree Day to Day

The next consideration is your daily care for the tree. Consider what you will do about watering, mulching, fertilizing, and pruning.

Water Properly

Taking care of trees you planted recently requires providing adequate water. Rain is scarce during a Paso Robles summer, so you’ll need to water the saplings several times a week to support root development. 

Giving the tree a good soaking with about two gallons of water twice a week is part of standard tree care practices.


Proper tree management also includes adding mulch around the base of the truck. Mulching does the following:

  • Helps the roots stay moist
  • Reduces weeds that can compete for resources
  • Protects the tree bark from damage (such as from the lawn mower) 

Add a circle of natural mulch (wood chips or bark) around the tree trunk (not touching it) and extend it three feet out from the trunk. Make it two to four inches deep.


Fertilizing your tree provides nutrients that counter poor soil quality. Every tree has different fertilization needs, so check with a certified arborist to learn which type of fertilizer to use, when, and how much. 

You can also use natural compost.

Prune and Trim 

Taking care of trees requires knowing when to remove the deadwood or branches impeding the tree’s ability to get sunlight, oxygen, and water. Pruning also removes diseased branches before they can spread the illness.

Because improper pruning can be more harmful to the tree than not pruning at all, it’s best to leave this task to a professional arborist. They know the proper timing and techniques for pruning and have the equipment to do it safely. 

Let an Expert Monitor Tree Health

Finally, one of our best tree maintenance tips is to keep an eye on your trees, watching for any signs of illness or stress. 

If you invite an arborist on the scene, they’ll look for signs of poor health, like discolored leaves, dead branches, or insect infestations. Many common tree problems are treatable when caught early.

Leave All Your Tree Concerns to Cut Rite Tree Service 

It’s easy to take your trees for granted, but that could mean losing a lovely shade tree, or parts of a tree, because you didn’t give it the proper care. 

Taking care of trees isn’t difficult or time-consuming, especially when you call Cut Rite Tree Service at (559) 320-7723 for help. We can keep your Paso Robles, CA, trees in top condition, whether you need pruning, fertilizing advice, or help with insects. 


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