Do Tree Roots Grow in the Winter in Clovis, CA?

As the winter approaches, your trees will shed their leaves to survive the harsh cold season. Have you ever paused to ask yourself what happens to the roots? Do tree roots grow in the winter? 

Since roots are integral to your tree’s health, it pays to know what happens to them throughout the year. In this blog post, Cut Rite Tree Service, Clovis’ trusted tree service professionals, explores how tree roots behave during the cold winter months. Keep reading for more information. 

What Happens To Tree Roots in Winter?

Do tree roots grow in the winter? The simple answer is yes!

Provided the ground temperature doesn’t fall below freezing, your tree roots will often continue growing. Your location’s climate may also influence winter root growth. The growth slows down as soil temperature approaches 36°F and pauses once it’s freezing.

The roots will start growing again when the soil temperature begins to rise in the spring. How do the roots manage to grow in winter when your tree has no leaves to facilitate food production through photosynthesis?

The roots have retained nutrients that help them experience some growth. If the soil has adequate water and nutrients, your tree roots may also utilize them. Even though the tree experiences a bit of growth in the colder months, you won’t see new sprouting — this only comes with spring growth. 

Generally, it suffices to say that your tree roots experience some winter growth. However, from November to April, the growth will often be slower than during the normal growing season. Root growth will continue as the soil warming resumes. 

Protect Your Tree Roots in Winter

You must give your tree roots extra loving care during the winter to help them thrive when springtime comes. Here are a few tips to help keep your trees healthy throughout the winter months.

Apply Mulch

Mulching helps protect your tree during winter. A thick layer of mulch insulates the soil and prevents moisture loss. Spread the mulch to cover an area of about two feet around the tree’s base, but be sure it doesn’t come in contact with the trunk, as it can lead to rotting. 

Keep the Soil Moist 

Water the ground around your tree regularly to keep it moist. The mulch will help retain the moisture. 

Fertilize Your Tree

You should fertilize your tree before the winter season arrives. Deeply fertilizing your tree roots in the early spring makes them less vulnerable in winter. That’s because the fertilizers give your tree roots much-needed nutrients and make them stronger. 

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

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