Top Five Tree Diseases and How To Prevent Them

Like humans, trees are susceptible to numerous diseases that adversely affect their health, appearance, and more. Some tree diseases can wreak havoc on a tree’s well-being and even cause it to die prematurely. Unfortunately, many Paso Robles residents don’t know how to identify or treat tree diseases, making it difficult to take action once they take hold.

That’s why Cut Rite Tree Service put together some common tree diseases and treatments in Paso Robles, California.

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Five Common Tree Diseases in the United States

Tree diseases come in many forms and affect trees in various ways. Some tarnish trees’ appearance with unsightly blemishes, while others damage their structure and lead to premature death. Understanding various tree diseases will help you maintain your trees’ health and ensure they stay pristine throughout the year. 

Below are some common tree diseases every homeowner should know.

1. Leaf Spot Diseases

As the name suggests, leaf spot diseases cause unappealing spots on a tree’s leaves, making it look incredibly unhealthy. Although many leaf spot diseases don’t impact a tree’s well-being, they drastically reduce its appearance, preventing your property from reaching its full visual potential. While fungicide might hinder the aliment, most leaf spot diseases are incurable and require you to remove infected foliage to limit the spread and severity. 

2. Canker

Canker is a common tree bark disease that affects necrotic regions. It forms when fungi pathogens enter bark through wounds or cracks, decreasing the tree’s health and structural integrity. The disease typically weakens trees but can kill them in some circumstances.

Canker disease is incurable and requires homeowners to prune infected limbs or cut down the tree if it affects its stem.

3. Annosum Root Rot

Found mostly in sandy soil, Annosum root rot is a fungal disease that develops sponge-like formations along a tree’s stem. It enters through wounds and causes the tree’s roots to rot over time, eventually killing it. Fortunately, you can prevent Annosum root rot with the following:

  • Thin pine stands once temperatures reach 70 degrees or higher
  • Frequently check the trees for bark beetles and eliminate them
  • Spray tree wounds with borax
  • Avoid planting trees too close together

4. Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew is another common forestry disease that forms a peculiar substance along leaves that often resembles talcum powder. It thrives in dry, hot weather and affects succulent plants more than others. A sulfur dioxide-based chemical control treatment will eradicate powdery mildew and help your tree recover after infection.

5. Rust

Rust diseases affect evergreens and are especially lethal to young trees. Although rust diseases aren’t incredibly severe if they infect branches, they can kill trees once they enter the stem and form trunk galls. Try to prune branches as soon as a rust disease takes hold to prevent it from spreading to the stem and killing the tree. 

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