What Is Tree Surgery and When Is It Necessary?

What is tree surgery, and when is it necessary? In this post, Cut Rite Tree Service, Fresno’s reliable tree trimming team, explains more about this task and how it relates to pruning trees

What Is Tree Surgery? 

The term refers to various actions tree care services take to improve tree health. These tasks can include: 

  • Removing dead branches
  • Tree removal
  • Pruning
  • Lifting the crown or reducing its size
  • Pollarding
  • Root stump removal

Let’s have a look at what these jobs entail. 

Minimizing the Crown

What do you do if your tree is too big for the space it occupies? You call a tree service to thin out the crown. If you want the strictest answer to, “What is tree surgery?” this is what many people think of. It’s an intricate process that involves removing dead limbs and possibly some healthy ones as well. The idea is to limit the crown’s spread when the tree is too close to structures.

Arborists also often use this technique for better tree health. They remove branches that cross each other and open up space to allow more air and sunlight in. Removing dead matter and improving circulation reduces the tree’s chance of falling ill. 

Raising the Crown

Here, we remove the lower branches to encourage the tree to grow taller. We might do this for better clearance or to allow a tree better access to sunlight in a shady area. 

Tree Removal

Removing trees can be dangerous because the branches and trunk weigh so much. You must work step-by-step as a surgeon would to safely amputate areas and bring the tree down a little at a time, carefully controlling the process. 

The danger here is that branches may crash down onto people or property, and the tree may fall the wrong way when you fell it. We recommend bringing in a professional service for optimal results. 

Getting Rid of the Roots

If you thought felling the tree was the hard part, we’ve got news for you. Getting rid of the stump and extensive root system, including the process of digging up a tree stump, is far more difficult. While most people opt to grind the stump and leave the roots to decompose naturally, digging up a tree stump can be necessary in certain situations, despite the difficulty of complete removal.


With this technique, we remove all but the trunk and primary branches. It’s a process that requires expert knowledge because it can kill the tree. However, when you get it right, you totally reshape a wayward tree. 


You should trim your trees annually to: 

  • Remove dying or dead wood
  • Cut out disease or pest infestations 
  • Gently reshape your tree
  • Promote better tree health
  • Remove broken or weak branches that might otherwise fall
  • Repair damage done during a storm

Contact Your Local Tree Surgeons 

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