Do Trees Ever Stop Growing?

Many trees grow extremely tall and tower over most residential properties. Exceedingly large trees can leave Fresno, CA, residents awestruck, causing them to wonder, “Do trees ever stop growing?” That’s why Cut Rite Tree Service is here to teach you if trees eventually stop growing.

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Do Trees Eventually Stop Growing in Height?

So, do trees ever stop growing? The answer is more complicated than you might think. 

Most tree species continue growing wider and receive a new trunk ring (the rings within a tree trunk that determines its age) every year. That said, trees eventually stop growing in height once they reach a certain age. Meanwhile, it is important to be wary of a split tree trunk and what causes it.

Most trees grow rather rapidly during their early life but slow down with age. Although environmental factors sometimes stunt tree growth, most eventually stop when they reach a mature height, even in perfect conditions.

For example, young mountain ash trees grow around ten feet every year. However, once they reach the 90-year mark, their growth slows down significantly and are lucky to grow over a foot tall each year. After mountain ash trees hit 150 years old, they stop growing despite living for another 100 years.

Environmental Factors That Hinder Height Growth

Sometimes trees stop growing in height prematurely due to environmental factors, including the growth of tree roots in winter. Below are some elements that hinder trees’ height growth.

Lack of Root Space

Large trees need plenty of root space to grow and flourish. Most root systems span numerous feet and can’t grow efficiently in small spaces. If several large trees surround a young tree, or you plant a big tree in a tight space, it will become stunted and stop growing.

Lack of Sun

It’s no secret that plants and trees, such as those involved in peach tree planting, need a lot of sun to grow. Without sun, trees won’t experience photosynthesis, stunting their growth. You must ensure your trees receive as much sun as possible to ensure they grow throughout the year.

If a young tree becomes shaded by other trees’ large canopies, consider moving the tree to another location that provides full sun.

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