What Are the Dangers of Codominant Trees?

Some codominant trees may grow to magnificent heights without any serious problems. However, codominant trees with weak branch connections may pose serious safety concerns for property owners. Codominant trees constantly battle for available nutrients, increasing the likelihood of tree nutrient deficiencies and broken branches. 

This blog explores the various dangers of codominant trees. If you notice codominant trees in your yard, immediately seek tree removal services in Fresno, CA. Codominant branches overhanging buildings, homes, and public walkways easily break, causing severe personal injuries and property damage if not cared for properly. 

Understanding Codominant Trees 

Young trees may grow a duel set of trunks in search of sunlight and nutrients. When young trees grow codominant branches, the risk of failure for that tree remains extremely low. Two trunks growing on one young tree pose no safety concerns and may actually help the tree compete for water and nutrients. 

However, fully-grown and mature codominant trees remain a very different story. Codominant branches reduce your tree’s structural integrity and often cause catastrophic tree failures. Signs of hazard trees with codominant branches include: 

  • Included bark 
  • Weak “V” shaped branch connections 
  • Robust canopy growth 
  • Discolored bark 

Professional arborists recommend cabling techniques to reduce your tree’s risk of collapsing during windy conditions. Experts use steel cables to prevent codominant trees from swaying dangerously during storms and hurricanes. Inspect your landscape for codominant trees to avoid dangerous accidents in the future. 

Dangers of Codominant Trees 

You may look at your codominant trees and think, “I don’t see any problems.” However, if you look closer, you can see the strain on your tree’s vascular system. The biggest concerns of codominant trees include the following.

Included Bark 

Included bark occurs when tree bark grows in on itself. Codominant branches encourage bark growth but provide no place for the growing bark to thrive. As a result, the bark grows inward and leaves behind dark brown and black cracks along your tree. 

Included bark remains much more than an eye sore. Widespread included bark significantly reduces your tree’s safety, damaging cambium, sapwood, and heartwood layers. Weakened bark layers do not protect against fluctuating temperatures or harsh weather conditions. 

Insect Infestations 

Wood-boring insects actively seek codominant trees to build nests, find moisture, and pupate. Powderpost beetles and termites view included bark as a gourmet meal, with multiple bark layers sitting atop one another in one easy-to-find location. Tree borers quickly decompose and defoliate trees, so always inspect your trees for insect infestations annually. 

Tree Collapse 

Codominant branches lack the structural integrity to withstand blustering winds and stormy weather. Failing to remove hazardous trees from your property can cause your trees to collapse and harm pedestrians, property, and family members. Many expert arborists offer tree removal services to prevent codominant trees from causing serious damage. 

Why Work With ISA-Certified Arborists? 

Professional arborists turn any complex tree project into a much more manageable task. Years of training, education, and experience make ISA-certified arborists a must for any tree project you have. Helpful services offered by tree service professionals include: 

  • Lot clearing 
  • Stump grinding 
  • Emergency tree services
  • Tree removal
  • Trimming & pruning services

Certified arborists can also conduct soil quality testing and tree health evaluations to asses your codominant trees’ risks. Work with a professional tree service company to keep your property and trees safe, beautiful, and hazard-free. 

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