Will a Dead Palm Tree Fall Over?

Will a dead palm tree fall over given enough time? Yes, diseased or dying palm trees pose a hazard. However, you can always contact Fresno’s tree removal company for help with palm trees and other species in your yard.

Below, Cut Rite Tree Service discusses how to identify dead palm trees and keep them from falling over. They also share how your palm tree can thrive with proper care and maintenance.

Identifying Dying Palm Trees Can Be Complicated

California residents frequently plant palm trees for shade, beautifying landscapes, privacy screens, and delicious dates. The most popular species of palm include The Queen and European Fan Palm due to their long lifespan and unique fronds.

How do you determine whether California’s favorite trees require palm tree removal services? Signs of a dying palm tree include the following: 

  • Dead palm fronds
  • Dead leaves
  • Included bark
  • Epicormic growth
  • Cracked bark
  • Discoloration 
  • Exposed root systems

You might also notice small holes and wood shavings around the base of your tree as wood-boring insects move in for food, moisture, and nest building. Call a local tree service immediately because carpenter ants, termites, and powderpost beetles will migrate from those dying trees into wooden furniture and surfaces.

While a beautiful part of California’s unique landscape, dying or dead palm trees do tend to fall over at the end of their lifespan. However, palm trees remain one of the longest-living ancient species, with some lasting over 200 years in the right conditions. If your palm tree is showing worrying signs, it could also be growing in an unsuitable climate or soil to maintain its structural integrity.

Removing A Dead Palm Tree Safely Requires Planning

Will a dead palm tree fall over without quick intervention? It could. That’s why it is helpful to liaise with local tree service experts.

A dying tree poses serious safety concerns for homeowners and businesses. If you want to keep your California property safe, consider experienced tree removal services that use advanced tools, such as pole saws and tree loppers, to safely remove dying palm trees.

The most common risks for dying palm trees include the following: 

  • Fallen branches damage vehicles, property, windows, or residents
  • Subsidence or erosion around the base of the tree
  • Strong winds cause weak trees to collapse onto structures or people beneath

Dying palm trees adjacent to powerlines are particularly susceptible to fires, as dried bark conducts electricity easily. So, if you notice the above signs, don’t hesitate to call tree service experts for help.

Professional Tips for Caring For Your Palm Trees in Fresno

Why not schedule tree health assessments to ensure your property’s and palm trees’ safety? Under the right conditions, California palm trees can grow over 100 feet high and 4 feet wide.

You can also consider the following tips for thriving Fresno palm trees:

Wash Fronds

Palm tree fronds become a breeding ground for dust mites, mold growth, and insects during hot California days. Use a garden hose to water the fronds lightly, removing visible signs of dirt, dust, and bacteria. Water droplets on palm trees also enhance photosynthesis to feed the hungry root systems.

Mulching and Fertilizer 

Did you know that slow-releasing fertilizers add essential nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium to palm trees? Mulching palm trees four times annually also helps retain moisture and repel insect infestations.

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