Cavities in Trees: Should I Be Worried?

Cavities in trees could prove incredibly dangerous or completely harmless. Some resilient trees can develop deep cavities and still thrive, but this isn’t always the case. Always consult with a reliable tree service in Clovis, CA, to be sure, especially for Western Redbuds and California Black Walnut trees.

Below, our California tree experts discuss everything you need to know about tree cavities and what to do about them

Understanding Tree Cavities

Don’t panic if you find a surprisingly large cavity in your otherwise healthy tree. Some tree cavities are completely natural, forming during the course of the tree’s growth. 

However, if the cavity is near the tree trunk or inner branches, it may pose a serious safety concern. Large cavities also expose fragile feeder roots, heartwood, and sapwood to storm damage, UV radiation, and disease. If you combine this with improper pruning techniques, it could spell disaster for the tree.

If you want to ensure the healthy growth of your trees, a simple tree health checkup is all you need. Certified arborists like Cut Rite Tree Service will assess the cavity by evaluating the following:

    • Soil health
    • Growing conditions
    • Weather patterns and more

Signs That Cavities in The Tree Could Be a Problem

When should you worry about a cavity in one of your trees? Here are the most common signs of a problem:

    • Dead or dying branches
    • Leaning trees
    • Unseasonal leaf discoloration
    • Insect infestations 
    • Injury to the tree
    • Branch collar pruning cuts

Has a small tree cavity grown larger? Progressive cavities endanger a tree’s health when affected by carpenter ant nests, rot damage, moisture damage, and moss growth. You should also carefully inspect the tree for small drill holes indicating wood-boring insect issues.

Fixing Cavities in Trees 

The International Society of Arboriculture equips tree service professionals to distinguish benign cavities from dangerous structural tree damage. ISA-trained arborists use the most advanced equipment and techniques to help minimize damage from cavities and try to save the tree.

Only Use Expert Trimming & Pruning Services

Tree cavities commonly develop as the direct result of improper trimming and pruning. Deep cuts into the branch collar invite pests, mold, and decay into interior layers of wood. A trustworthy tree professional won’t let that happen.

Notice The Tree Cavity’s Location

Cavities at the tree’s base significantly reduce its structural integrity. A small cavity high in the canopy poses little to no risk. However, problems at the tree trunk or primary branch connections require the attention of professional arborists. 

Assess the Tree’s Overall Health

Can a tree recover from cavity damage? Yes. Professionals will assist you with a plan that may include the following:


Most trees should easily recover from cavities with the proper nutrients.

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