Removing Large Trees: 5 Reasons to Call a Pro

If you live in an area with heavy tree coverage, large trees likely surround your property. Larger trees can pose several challenges for homeowners, including the potential for damage to property or power lines and trouble with wind storms and pests.

In addition, even natural aging can cause trees to collapse and inflict severe property damage if they fall on your home or vehicle. In this article, we’ll discuss five reasons to contact a professional when removing large trees and recommend a provider of trusted tree removal in Fresno, CA.

#1 – Safety Issues

Removing large trees can be dangerous work, so we recommend hiring a professional to do the job. Because a tree is a huge and heavy object, removing it from the ground requires specialized equipment and expertise to ensure the job is entirely safe. By hiring a pro, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that a skilled professional who can get the job done right the first time is removing your trees.

#2 – Structural Damage

Falling tree branches can also cause significant damage to your property. This situation can occur due to dead trees, a branch removal mistake, or if a healthy tree suffers damage from a storm or other event. This issue puts your home at risk of structural damage or even personal injury if the dead branches hit your home or car. Therefore, hiring a professional when removing large trees can save homeowners from expensive property damage and repair bills.

#3 – Pest Problems

Trees are also prone to pest infestations that can cause severe problems for a homeowner. If left untreated, insects like carpenter ants and termites can eat away a tree’s internal structure and cause substantial damage to the wood.

If homeowners remove a tree improperly, these pests can spread through the yard and cause damage to other parts of the property. Safely removing large trees can prevent the spread of pests throughout the yard, preventing future issues.

#4 – Disease Prevention

In addition to insects, trees can also be affected by diseases. These diseases can sometimes be transmitted to other trees and plants in the yard, leading to widespread damage. Proper tree care involves identifying and treating disease conditions before they spread to other plants in the yard. An arborist can quickly identify the diseases affecting the trees on your property and take steps to treat and eliminate them before they cause serious damage to the other trees in your yard.

#5 – Storm Recovery

The most crucial time to call a tree removal service is immediately after a major storm has passed. If any trees seem unstable following a storm, it’s vital to get an inspection to determine whether the tree is stable enough to withstand the stresses of wind and other forces over time. If the tree is unstable, it can pose a severe hazard to your family and your property, so it’s essential to remove it immediately to prevent any future problems.

Get Help from Expert Arborists in Florida Today

Removing trees over ten feet tall requires a particular set of skills and equipment most homeowners don’t have. However, arborists can quickly and safely remove even the most substantial trees from your yard without risk of property damage or injury. At Cut Rite Tree Service, we offer comprehensive tree removal services for homeowners throughout Florida.

As an expert tree removal company, we have the tools and expertise to safely and effectively remove your trees. If you want to learn how to get a tree removal permit in Fresno, or are ready to start removing large trees with the help of the pros, call Cut Rite Tree Service at 559-320-7723 today.


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