The Importance of Trees in Suburbs

Trees provide an essential function in suburban neighborhoods. Tree service contractors in Clovis, CA, understand the importance of trees to provide green spaces for people to enjoy all year round. Beautiful trees increase suburban properties’ value and protect against California’s extreme heat. 

The Nature Conservancy’s Plant A Billion Trees initiative underscores the importance of trees in suburban neighborhoods. Consider speaking to your local tree experts for help finding the best trees for your property. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of trees in the suburbs. 

Why Plant Trees in Suburbs? 

Creating space for suburban neighborhoods often involves land clearing, cutting down trees, and uprooting shrubbery. As a result of land clearing, suburban communities lack the benefits of abundant tree growth. Consider the following reasons for planting urban trees: 

Reduced Energy Costs

Trees planted near your home block blistering sun rays, keeping your home cool in the summer. Similarly, strategically placed trees obstruct gusty winds on winter days, reducing the burden on homeowners’ HVAC systems. Studies suggest homeowners may save over 30% on energy bills by planting trees around their property. 

Shade in the Summer

Hot summer days encourage homeowners to crank up the AC and spend more time indoors. However, trees provide natural shade on uncomfortably hot days. Mature trees reach heights over 100 feet, providing ample protection against UV radiation and sun rays. 

The most popular shade trees in California include the following: 

    • Magnolias
    • Mulberry
    • Oak
    • Australian Willow 
    • California Sycamore

Picturesque Public Spaces

Nothing provides more delight than a collection of beautiful trees in a public park. Heavily wooded public spaces are perfect for family gatherings, sports events, and picnics. Public spaces filled with trees bring the community together and encourage people to walk, bike, and hike around their neighborhood. 

Improved Air Quality 

Trees filter out harmful pollutants from the air and trap carbon dioxide. The leaves of trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and essential nutrients for tree growth. Trees clean the air and curb the effects of climate change. 

Increased Property Value 

The importance of trees extends to higher property values of homes and businesses. Planting trees nearby homes and retail stores increase properties’ curb appeal and encourage customers to explore businesses. Planting trees near your suburban home can increase the value of your home by nearly 10%. 


Land clearing methods used to create space for suburban neighborhoods often displace wildlife. Planting trees in your yard provides shelter and food for many different species of animals. Opossums use trees for protection and also eat lime-disease-carrying ticks. 

Storm Protection

Heavy rainfall saturates the soil, leading to subsidence and weakened house foundations. Trees absorb the moisture from storms to reduce flooding and protect soil from damage. Trees also protect houses from heavy winds. 

Natural Privacy Screens

Suburban neighborhoods often include tightly-packed groups of houses. If you wish to enjoy privacy from your surrounding neighbors, planting trees provides ample privacy screens. Speak with your local tree experts to explore which beautiful evergreen trees work best for your property. 

Green Infrastructure 

Innovative green infrastructure initiatives aim to reduce pollution, improve water quality, and reduce carbon emissions in suburban neighborhoods. Trees provide an essential function in all green infrastructure plans, helping homeowners save money and protect the environment.

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