How to Get a Tree Removal Permit in Fresno, CA

Fresno requires permits for removing, trimming, and pruning trees. You must also hire a company specializing in tree removal in Fresno, CA and not remove or prune a tree yourself.

Keep reading to learn how to get a tree removal permit and save yourself the hassle. 

How Do I Apply for Tree Permits?

Download the appropriate form from the official website for the City of Fresno’s Landscape Maintenance Division. Then, provide the following information:

    • The property owners’ names, contact information, and address
    • Your signature 
    • The name, license number, and signature of your tree removal company
    • Your reason for the removal 

The application costs equal the fair market value of the tree and its replacement tree. Not all trees need replacing, depending on the circumstances. 

You can only turn in tree permits during business days, so the permits may take time for approval. Once approved, the permit lasts for one year. 

Can I Remove a Tree By Myself?

Removing a tree without proper authorization and licensing is illegal in Fresno. The best course of action is to find a tree removal specialist and get their help. The right company will guide you through the removal permit process. 

If you choose to proceed without the correct authorization, the state will fine you twice the cost of a permit. You’ll also get a fine determined by the Landscape Maintenance Department council. Learning how to get a tree removal permit will save you significant time and money.

When Do I Need a Tree Removal Permit? 

Any protected tree will require a permit. The following constitute protected trees:

Trees that do not require authorization are the following:

    • Public Nuisance Trees: Any tree that the Director of Public Utilities, Fire Chief, and the Director of Public Works deem a nuisance
    • Hazardous Trees: Any tree that poses an immediate danger to the public 

Though you must still hire a professional tree-cutting service, you can remove these trees without explicit approval.

A critical note on heritage trees: they do not follow property lines. The city can consider any tree a heritage tree, whether it sits on private or public land. 

Reach Out to Cut Rite Tree Service

Contact Cut Rite Tree Service to learn how trees can survive lightning strikes and other essential tree information. Protecting your trees raises your home’s value and lets you enjoy your tree for many years to come. 

The Cut Rite Tree Service experts can show you how to get a tree removal permit in Fresno, CA. If you have any questions or need help with tree removal or pruning, call us at (559) 320-7723 to request a free consultation. 


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