Can a Tree Survive a Lightning Strike

Trees provide immense beauty to properties. Chinese hackberries glow splendid yellow in the fall, while skyline ashes offer ample shade for sunny California days. Tall trees containing moisture and sap attract lightning during storms and provide targets for powerful lightning strikes.

But can a tree survive a lightning strike? The answer depends on the severity of damage inflicted upon your tree. If you want to know if your tree struck by lightning will live, contact a professional tree service in Clovis for more information.

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What Happens to a Tree Struck by Lightning? 

Tall trees planted in open areas present perfect targets for lightning strikes. Moisture and sap contained within the entire tree conduct electricity from lightning and power lines. Lightning striking a tree causes broken branches, drooping leaves, and sometimes the explosion of tree bark. The appearance of lightning-struck trees varies depending on the severity and voltage of the passing storm. 

If you notice signs of a lightning strike to your tree, hope remains for the health of your tree. Trees, much like the human body, prove incredibly resilient. Even a direct lighting strike does not guarantee to kill a healthy, thriving tree.

If you regularly maintain your tree’s good health, the chances of lightning killing your tree drop dramatically. Some of the most popular ways to care for your trees before and after lighting strikes include: 

Pruning and Trimming 

Pruning away branches of your tree enhances your tree’s ability to grow. Weak branches easily break off trees and catch fire when lightning strikes. Pruning away dead branches struck by lightning enables your tree to provide moisture and nutrients to the healthiest limbs.

A professional arborist removes dead branches, bark, and leaves to encourage the growth of more substantial branches. Can a tree survive a lightning strike? Yes, any tree may recover from Mother Nature’s wrath with the proper pruning and trimming services. 


Damaged trees require fertilizer to assist their regrowth processes. Regular watering and fertilizer at the base of your tree add essential nutrients to your tree’s canopy, roots, and interior structure. Mulch added atop fertilizer further protects the bottom of your tree from lost moisture.

Like healthy human beings, healthy trees quickly rebound from strife, so care for your tree like you would your own body! 

Exterminate Pests 

Wood-boring insects seek damaged trees to create their homes. Termites and carpenter ants burrow deep within the tree trunk and slowly cause internal damage to your tree’s health. Inspect your tree for insect infestation signs, including small holes surrounded by tiny wood shavings. Both mechanical and chemical treatment options effectively remove pests from trees

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