Why Hire a Google Guaranteed Services Tree Company?

Cut Rite Tree Service is one of the few arborist-owned companies operating in Clovis with a Google Guarantee, helping thousands of potential customers find us amongst millions of seemingly identical tree services available. Our customer service reps and tree care experts answer many inquiries from residents and business owners about the advantages of working with Google Guaranteed Services every month. As Clovis’ reliable tree service experts, we are happy to provide them with helpful information, even if it requires getting deep in the weeds of search engine marketing.

Google My Business is a powerful tool for small businesses like us. It provides a verification pathway that allows small to mid-sized business owners to help customers differentiate between scams and legitimate services before making a purchase decision. Google wants to maintain its image as a reliable marketplace for buyers and business people, and the Google Guarantee verification process adds a layer of security that benefits service providers, customers, and Google itself.

What Are Google Guaranteed Services?

Google is the most popular search platform on the internet, receiving over 40,000 queries per second from people who want reliable information. California is only around 160,000 square miles and change, but it has thousands of tree trimming companies and independent arborists fighting for audience share and attention. Many unlicensed tree-cutting enterprises are also active in the state and want your business as much as legitimate companies.

Without a Google listing and a digital marketing team, it is nearly impossible for a small business to thrive in an increasingly online consumer culture, no matter the quality of its service. They would lose to big box brands, which are more than happy to throw millions of dollars into marketing campaigns, even if they take their clients for granted without healthy competition.

A Google Guaranteed Services badge means that a company or individual has passed a rigorous and lengthy in-house verification process from Google. It assures potential customers that they are working with a legitimate tax-paying enterprise, complete with the requisite permits and insurance policies that will acquit them of any liability if an untoward incident occurs while they are working.

Why Work with Google Guaranteed Services?

Our licensed arborists at Cut Rite Tree Service have over four decades of combined experience in residential and commercial tree maintenance. So, getting a Google Guaranteed Services badge is almost ceremonial to us. The verification process requires business owners to complete three tasks, which help customers determine their legitimacy.

You Know What to Expect

Business owners must be part of Google Local Service Ads of LSA for one year before applying for a Google Guaranteed Services badge. An LSA listing will advertise their contact information, business hours, commercial address, and customer reviews to the buying public.

Verified Companies Undergo Auditing

Google screens companies extensively before giving them a green check mark. Their auditing department will conduct background checks on personnel to ensure they have requisite licenses. They will also contact state governments to verify operating permits and insurance providers to authenticate liability policies.

No Customer Liability

Tree pruning, maintenance, and removal can be a dangerous job, and even licensed arborists can accidentally make contact with power lines, fall from ladders, and get struck by falling branches. Google Guaranteed Services ensure that these accidents never happen on the job. If they do, you will never be legally and financially responsible for them.

Learn More About Google Guaranteed Services

Cut Rite Tree Service is proud of its listing in the Google Guaranteed Services program. Learn more about Google-verified tree removal services by calling us at 559-320-7723 and requesting a free consultation.


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