How Pruning Dead Branches Help Trees

Most people assume that nature knows what it’s doing. While this assumption proves true in many cases, it isn’t always so. Sometimes, nature needs a little help to put forth its best effort. 

At Cut Rite Tree Service, we understand the importance of working with mother nature to achieve the best results for property owners and their trees. We’re a respected tree company in Clovis, helping clients make informed decisions about their property’s tree service needs. 

In this blog, we cover the causes of dead branches on trees and how pruning dead branches can help extend the life and safety of trees on your property. 

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What Causes Dead Branches? 

In most cases, a tree will restrict resources from a branch or limb to protect other parts of itself. This happens when the tree becomes damaged or detects a threat in one location. In this situation, a tree will reserve resources for healthy branches and bark instead. 

Reasons for trees to stop supplying nutrients to a branch include: 

  • Severe damage from wind and weather
  • Age
  • Mold
  • Blight
  • Insect infestation
  • Animal infestation
  • Not enough sunlight
  • Fungal infections
  • Water damage
  • And more

Don’t wait to remove dead branches from your trees. Acting fast can make all the difference in severe infestations and emergencies. Schedule an inspection with a certified arborist in your area as soon as possible. 

Benefits of Pruning Dead Branches

Now that you know what causes dead branches, you might wonder what pruning dead branches does. 


First and foremost, removing dead branches from a live tree reduces the risk of those limbs falling unexpectedly. Removal often prevents those tree limbs from damaging property, pets, or people. 


While trees cut off resources to dead limbs, they must still supply extra energy to the trunk and surrounding bark to support those dead limbs. 

Additionally, infestations present in dead limbs threaten the health of the rest of the tree. 

Removing dead tree limbs supports the health of the entire tree by allowing it to focus nutrients in other areas and by reducing the spread of infestations and disease. 


Dead limbs look ugly, and there’s no other way to say it. These limbs don’t grow foliage and often stick out like sore thumbs among beautiful deciduous leaves or bold emerald pine needles. 

Removing dead trees’ limbs helps trees look their best and brings out the best in your property’s aesthetic. 

Fruit Production 

Last but not least, pruning trees in early spring can help fruit trees improve their fruit production. 

As previously mentioned, dead limbs require additional nutrients for the tree to support and put the tree at risk for infection. Pruning removes the branch and allows fruit trees to focus energy on branches growing fruit instead. 

How To Identify Dead Branches

To identify dead limbs or branches without all the guesswork, schedule an inspection with a certified arborist or tree service in your area. 

Find Expert Help For Pruning Dead Branches

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