4 Reasons Why You Should NOT DIY Stump Grinding

You were likely left with a tree stump if you’ve recently had a tree taken down. You may have also moved onto a property with an unsightly stump left behind. It may seem uncomplicated on the surface to dig out a tree stump, but there is more than meets the eye.

The process of stump grinding is tedious and requires expert attention and experience, which is why you should never DIY stump grinding. Instead, if you are looking to have a stump removed, contact the prime stump grinding company in Fresno, CA.

1. Danger

Removing a tree stump without professional aid is extremely dangerous. With or without proper equipment, you could seriously harm yourself any your property. In addition, stubborn tree roots and flying debris can make a slip or fall more consequential than the average injury.

Any function of a stump grinding machine can be detrimental if mishandled. The machine’s massive weight can easily break through limbs. Metal teeth bite through and grind thick trees, meaning fatality if an accident should occur.

2. Timeliness

The methodical process of stump grinding takes place around the order and location of the stump. Professional stump removal companies consider these factors when estimating the timeliness of removal and often prove accurate based on experience.

Without the proper machinery, DIY stump grinding can take weeks. Likewise, the appropriate machinery operated by an amateur will take longer as they have to figure out how to use it. If timeliness is a factor, going straight to a professional is your best bet.

3. Property damage

A tree contains intricate root systems that extend far beyond the base of a tree stump. Stump grinders much remove large parts of the surrounding ground to remove partial root systems. Attempting a tree stump removal without expertise will wreak havoc on your property.

In some cases, a root system passes electrical wires, septic systems, and other additional intricacies that require careful maneuvering. Those lacking in professional experience may easily sever a vital cord to your home’s functionality. In that scenario, a different professional would need to fix the job that would have never happened if you had contacted a stump removal professional in the first place.

Additionally, the machine itself can be physically detrimental if not handled correctly. For example, reckless driving on a lawn can dig into the ground and erode large portions of grass. Likewise, the blade on a stump grinder will destroy anything in its path, making everything vulnerable if accidentally turned on at the wrong time.

4. Expensive

Renting a stump grinder is exceptionally costly, sometimes more than what it costs to enlist the help of a professional. If you rent on an hourly or daily basis and do not know how to operate the machinery, you will pay an exorbitant amount of money while figuring out how to handle the machine.

Additionally, the mistakes you are bound to make will require the enlisting of a professional. Easy accidents could lead to needing to hire

  • A landscaper should you ruin your lawn
  • Electrician, if electrical wires take damage
  • Septic technician, if a sewage pipe suffers a hit
  • Medical bills, if someone is injured

It is always in your best interest to leave unfamiliar work to the professionals, but stump grinding truly leaves no room for error. Furthermore, a DIY stump grinding scenario is far too dangerous, time-consuming, damaging, and expensive to risk doing alone.

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