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Nature is unpredictable and known for contorting up situations that need urgent attention. From heavy, harsh weather conditions to biological causes, trees can deviate from their natural-looking position and to places that obstruct your day-to-day activity.

This guide will extensively discuss what a tree emergency looks like and how it can be resolved immediately.

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What is A Tree Emergency?

A situation whereby your tree or plant alters from its original position or state to a condition that poses a threat to you, your daily activities, or even to the plant is called a tree emergency.

Types of tree emergencies

Here are the types of tree situations you should watch out for and then take steps to work with a tree care company.

Tree obstruction

Due to heavy weather conditions like storms, a tree or trees may fall towards areas where people commute daily, stopping traffic flow. Situations like this require the immediate service of an emergency tree service to remove and also carefully rehabilitate the felled tree into something better.

A tree too close to the power line

There has to be a considerable distance between trees and power lines, as the closer the proximity, the higher the chances of accidents. However, trees are known to grow all year long, shortening the required distance. An emergency tree service is required to prune these trees; else, electricity can arch through the short distance.

Dead overhanging branches

As trees exist, their part grows, dies, and regrows, and no other part exhibits this life sequence than the branches. Dead tree branches account for hundreds of accidents yearly and often kill a few. Such branches need to be removed immediately as strong winds could send them crashing into passersby or nearby properties.

Trunk cavities

Trunk cavities are hollow carvings into the trunk of a tree, and they look like large missing pieces that have been removed. These carvings indicate a structural defect of the tree and thus can pose serious threats to the tree and neighboring structures.

Fungus infected roots

The roots are an important support part of a tree and aid the stem in keeping the tree upright. Hence, the growth of fungus indicates an anomaly in the tree’s structure and can affect the overall balance of the supposed tree.

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What Should You Do in Case of a Tree Emergency?

Here are the steps you should take when you encounter this issue.

Remain Calm

Its human instinct to panic when tree accidents occur; however, ensure you remove calm and corrective measures should be applied immediately.

Clear away properties and people

A step toward solving the emergency is to clear any property around the emergency area as quickly as possible to avoid further damage. Also, roadblocks should be placed around this area to minimize the movement of pedestrians and motorists.

Call an emergency tree service.

Do not try to salvage this situation as it might worsen the state of affairs. The best solution is to dial for an emergency tree service immediately. An emergency tree service will help dislodge the situation.

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Why should I call an emergency tree service?

An emergency tree service has a collection of trained arborists you can rely on 24/7 to help you in any storm or wind damage. Tree damage is often not always obvious to the eyes as most people are untrained; hence, you need an emergency tree service as correcting it can be hazardous. Good emergency service will apply the following methods to help the situation:


After their swift response and arrival, an emergency tree service will inspect the area and the tree. Inspection allows them to know the next step to help the tree better. The inspection process may include root, stem, and branch analysis involving taking samples, touching, measurements, etc.


After inspection, the tree service can tell you what is truly wrong with the tree, the solutions to solving them, and the pros and cons of these solutions. Your decision helps in determining what will be implemented.


After communication with the approval of landowner, a tree emergency service begins to proffer the needed solutions to the tree. The tree service can perform a wide range of services depending on the tree.

Trees plagued with poor structural support are provided extra support using cables and brace rods. Due to weak branches and limbs, they serve as temporary stems for the tree.

For fallen trees, the tree service ground crew will help control the traffic of people and motorists. Protective wear is worn, and climbing equipment is gathered immediately as they solve the tree emergency.

Emergency Services with Cut Rite Tree Service

It is generally impossible to fully protect your trees from the storm, wind, and other damages. Hence, once these damages occur, a certified arborist trained personnel with an expanse of knowledge in trees will inspect the issues and provide solutions that can help save them.

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