Fresno Trees: 5 Common Species and How to Identify Them

When it comes to cultivating the ideal outdoor spaces on your residential or commercial property, knowledge is power. Understanding how to identify common Fresno trees can help you make informed decisions regarding your property maintenance and landscaping endeavors. 

At Cut Rite Tree Service, we’re here to help you stay informed. We’re tree service professionals in Clovis, Fresno, and beyond. Read on to learn about common species you’ll find in the area, how to identify them, and more. 

Common Species Among Fresno Trees

#1: Western Sycamore

The Western Sycamore tree is a deciduous species, meaning it sheds its leaves in the autumn and winter seasons. The leaves of the Western Sycamore are large, have three to five pointed lobes, and turn a rich golden yellow during the onset of autumn. Like most Sycamore trees, the Western Sycamore has an attractive mottled bark, displaying white, gray, and tawny brown shades. 

#2: Valley Oak 

The Valley Oak is a fast-growing American Oak species that can reach heights of twenty or more feet in as little as five years, eventually growing into the tallest oak trees in America. The leaves of the Valley Oak, like most other Oak species, are smaller but deeply lobed with multiple rounded points. The bark is a rich pewter shade and rippled in texture. 

#3: Fremont Cottonwood

The Fremont Cottonwood, commonly known as Fremont’s Cottonwood, is an American Cottonwood variant that grows along river banks, near streams, and in wetland areas. The leaves of the Fremont Cottonwood are heart-shaped with white veins, and its flowers are cream-colored, blooming in March and April. 

#4: Willow

Many species of willow tree are common in Fresno and across California. Some species are so abundant they can be found in every county in the state. Read below to learn some of the identifying features of common willow species in Fresno and surrounding areas. 

Sandbar Willow

The Sandbar Willow is extremely common throughout California. This tree is a deciduous shrub species that can grow to be anywhere from 13 to 23 feet tall. The leaves of the Sandbar Willow are long and lance-like in shape, appearing as a silvery or gray-green. The Sandbar Willow flowers in late spring, producing yellowish-white blooms. 

Red Willow

The Red Willow is one of the most common riparian trees throughout California, meaning that it grows near waterways or in wetland environments. This species is often found growing in or very near creeks and is exceptionally fast-growing. The Red Willow can reach over fifty feet in height in just ten years under the right conditions. The tree’s leaves are three to four inches long and shiny green on top. The tree is typically deciduous in winter. 

#5: Black Elderberry

The Black Elderberry tree is a deciduous shrub or small tree species, generally reaching around 10 feet in height at maximum. The species has light or coarse gray bark and spearhead-shaped leaves. These trees produce white, purple, cream, or black flowers and dark purple berries with red stems. 

Find Expert Guidance on Fresno Trees Today

Identifying the species of the trees on your residential or commercial property is an excellent first step to building a sustainable, safe environment. One of the goals of the Fresno community is to maintain the natural diversity present in California’s differing ecosystems, and expert tree services are here to help that happen. 

At Cut Rite Tree Service, our certified arborists can help identify Fresno trees, assist with trimming and pruning, provide complete tree removal, and much more. To learn more about tree removal services and more in your area,  keep browsing our website or give us a call today. 


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